Holding on to Life

When your ninety-one year old grandfather spends two weeks using his globe, a pen and paper, and his drive to preserve his knowledge of this planet and life on it to determine the circumference of the earth.  He was only a few hundred kilometres off.  I hope that one day I too will be that relentless when it comes to fighting against obscurity and oblivion.  I hope that like him I will continue to seek out the truth, and find as my days go on, that there could be more than just one.  I hope that I press against natural law and human limitations to seek out new knowledge even as my brain begins to atrophy.   I hope that I continue to live with his passion and awe for human ingenuity, capacity and potential.  Most importantly I hope to follow his example in greeting everyday as though the day before had been lost: with unbridled fullness, gratitude, curiosity and love.

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