Wasted Moments


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the squandered moments; the moments that are lost, given away, sold cheaply. The ones that you wish you could have back or trade in.  The moments spent sitting on the couch numbing your mind, or wasted in listening to someone you disagree with and biting your tongue.  Those moments when you were just sitting, passively experiencing your body and mind wither.  Then I anticipate there will come moments, at the end, when the ephemeral nature of all this will be tangible, and you will feel robbed by those moments.  At that point there will be an urgency; the missing ingredient that is needed in order to fully soak up the potential energy of each cumulative moment of your existence.  But it will be too late.  That is when your mind will be flooded by ideas, and what if’s, and light. That is when you will be taken somewhere where all those half-thoughts and bright feelings will become whole, and will be forever sustained.  In the meantime I’m going to try and make my moments count.  I want to feel them, grasp them, hold on to them, and squeeze something meaningful out of each one.

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